Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Composite Shingle Damage, What it is, What causes it, & Whent it needs repaired or replaced

Composite roofs can suffer damage throughout their life span and here are some examples of shingle damage, what causes, what further damage it can cause, and when to repair or replace.

Excessive Loss of Granules
What is it: Granules protect the mat of the shingles from sunlight and add weight and fire resistance. Shingles will lose some granules over time, but excessive loss will expose the mat and shorten the life of the shingles. 

What causes it: Shingle blistering, old or worn-out shingles, and hail & storms.

When it needs repairs or replacement:  If you are starting to notice a bald or bare areas it is time to think about replacing before leaking begins. 

Tree Damaged Shingles

What it is: A specific area of the roof that has scarred shingles from where a tree or branches have scrapped or gouged the shingles. 

What causes it: Low lying tree branches that blow against the roof during wind or perhaps a tree branch that fell on the roof.

When it needs repairs or replacement:  Call for an inspection to verify that there is not gouges that can lead to leaking. 

Missing Shingles

What it is: Missing shingles are very noticeable and you can tell if any are missing by looking at your roof or if you notice them in the yard.

What causes it: Storm and wind damage can blow off shingles, faulty installation can cause shingles to become loose and come off, and shingles that have reached their age limit can also become loose and fall off.    

When it needs repairs or replacement: Call for an inspection to verify that there are not several other shingles that are lose or that there is not any damaged roof sheathing.  Having a small repair can save from future damage.

Hail Damage

What it is:   When there is a storm that produces hail that has hit your roof the areas of lost mineral granules will be apparent upon a close inspection.    

When it needs repairs or replacement:  Repairs can range from specific slopes or an entire replacement.  An inspection can verify that there is damage, inspecting an asphalt shingle roof after a hail storm is important, if the roof has been damaged it should show that the areas of granule loss has been exposed and leave a fresh looking shingle damaged that has not been weathered by sun exposure or aging.  Hail damage can cause excesses granules loss overtime aging your roof quicker. 


What it is: Instead of popping in as a hail hit would a blister on a shingle pops out causing granule loss.

What causes it:  Improper ventilation such as not enough vents or blockage of soffit vents.

When it needs repairs or replacement:  Call for a proper inspection, if blistering has started the majority of the time the slope damaged or the entire roof needs replaced and proper ventilation needs to be added.  Long term blister can not only cause leaks but also affect the decking and rafters.

It is important to have your roof inspected if you haven’t in a while or after a severe storm.  Many local contractors give free inspections and repair estimates.  If you live in the Kansas City area we can help with that call today for your free estimate (816) 547-1885.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

DIY Exterior Paint Tips

I hope you are getting to enjoy some time outside with the beautiful weather here in Kansas City.  While doing yard work or grilling outside have you noticed exposed wood, paint wearing off, and you just know it’s been quite a while before your home had its last paint job?  Well it's probably time to paint and Spring is a great time to start!  Exterior paint is best applied when it’s above 50 degrees and when it is not too hot but make sure you refer to the specifications on the paint you purchase. Since it tends to be rainy in Kansas City’s Spring season make sure you postpone applying coats of paint and give your home ample amount of time for drying.  Here are some steps towards a great do it yourself paint job:

1.  Wash the exterior: Power wash or hard hose wash the mildew and dirt off your home.  This will give you a fresh clean starting surface and can also remove any loose paint.  Allow to dry for 24-48 hours depending on your air quality. 
2.  Scrape of loose paint: Lay down drop cloths in your work area this will make paint chip clean up quick and easy!  Use a hand held scraper and scrape off any loose paint.
3. Rough spots: Sand out any rough spots with a pad sander or a hand held sander.
4. Wood rot: Replace any boards with new boards.
5. Holes, Cracks, and Joints: Fill with wood putty and caulk any holes and cracks.  Pay special attention around doors and windows, this can help prevent unwanted airflow.
6. Apply Coats: If you didn’t buy paint that has a primer and you have areas that are stained apply a primer before applying first and second coat.  Apply top coats and second coats as needed. 

Live in the Kansas City area and don’t have the time for DIY exterior home painting?  We can help with that call today for your free estimate (816) 547-1885.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Spring Gutter Cleaning & Why it's important!

In Kansas City, April Showers brings May Flowers and during the rain showers it is a great time to a take a peak at your gutter and downspouts to make sure everything is flowing properly. 

Clogged gutters and downspouts can cause damages to your home such as;
1. Fascia boards: Moisture trapped inside clogged gutters can cause the fascia boards behind your gutters to rot. 
2. Roof: When gutters are filled with debris water can back up into the edge of your roof damaging the roof sheeting and wear down roofing material leading to leaks and water damage.
3. Foundation: Gutters are there to remove water off of a roof and away from the foundation.  Clogged gutters and downspouts can cause pooling around foundation and can cause cracking and leaking.
4. Pest: Clogged gutters can become a breading ground for mosquitos, birds, and other insects.

Having your gutters cleaned at least twice a year in the Spring and in the Fall can be a simple solution to avoiding further home damage.  Many companies provide semi-annual gutter clean outs, wash outs, and gutter guard services.

In the Kansas City area we provide semi-annual clean outs, washouts, and gutter guard services.  Call today for your free estimate (816) 547-1885.