Monday, October 24, 2016

7 Days Until Halloween

Halloween is 7 days away!  How will you be celebrating?  Here are some cool ideas to celebrate Halloween this year!

1. Dress up and take the kids trick-or-treating
2. Dress up and hand out candy for trick-or-treating
3. Participate in a trunk-or-treat
4. Carve pumpkins
5. Go to a haunted house
6. Create a haunted house
7. Stay in and have a scary movie marathon
8. Host or attend a Halloween Party
9. Carve pumpkins
10. Tell scary stories
11. Working on Halloween? Bring your co-workers a spooky treat

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Wow we are already welcoming fall to Kansas City!  With the leaves changing colors and falling leaves we are reminded that the winter season is just around the corner and protecting one of you homes biggest assets should be on the list to get ready for winter. 

1. Visually inspect your home and attic yourself: 
*Check your ceiling for water spots 
*Check your attic for signs of light or water damage

2. Check your gutters and downspouts
*Check for roofing granules in your gutters or at the base of the downspouts
*Check for dents this can be caused by hail and your roof could be affected as well

3. Look at your roof
*Check for dark spots where possible granules are missing 
*Check for missing shingles
*Check for sagging

4. Check exterior walls
*Rotten, damaged, or stained wood can be caused by roof and flashing damage

Roof damaged should be repaired before winter because ice, snow, and weight will only make the damage worse.  If you need help with an inspection or think you need a repair or replacement contact us for help and a free estimate!