Monday, September 19, 2016

Colored leaves, everything pumpkin flavored, warm apple pie, football, Halloween, what does fall mean to you?  For your home it means it is time for some fall home maintenance to get you ready for winter!

1. Keep your house warm by closing off air leaks
*Caulk seal & weather strip windows & doors.  (Can't remember where your leaks were last year or bought a new home?  Hold a light a candle and go to each window and door and check to see if it pulls the smoke this indicates a draft you will want to seal.)
*Attic insulation: Check for exposed joists add insulation where needed.

2. Plumbing & Heater
*Change heater vents
*Insulate water lines to prevent freezing
*Remove outside hoses

3. Inspect or have your roof inspected
*Missing shingles need to be replaced
*Dips & sags indicate issues with the wood under your roof

4. Clean and repair gutters
*Remove leaves this prevents ice damning

5. Garage
*Remove any items that can freeze
*Maintenance lawn mowers or any equipment you will not need during the winter

6. Decks
*Put away furniture or cushions for the season
*Sweep leaves of deck to prevent water damage

7. Safety
*Replace light bulbs
*Replace batteries in smoke 
*Maintenance carbon monoxide detectors

8. Have some fun
*Take a Hayride
*Go to a pumpkin patch & carve pumpkins
*Make a maze for the kids with fallen leaves