Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Has the winter weather got you down?   Use your time that you are stuck at your home to do some simple maintenance and inspections.

Home & Family Safety: Inspect fire extinguishers, test carbon monoxide detectors, test fire alarms, compose or update home inventory, and create a safety plan.

Kitchen: Clean range hood, refrigerator coils, stove top & oven, and garbage disposal.

Plumbing: Check pipes and add extra insulation to prevent freezing,  flush water heater, and flush & clean drains. 

Closets: Organize and donate unwanted items.

Heating: Clean vents and replace furnace filters.  

Roof: Check for ice dams, tree limbs on roofs, and attic for any signs of leaks. 

Gutters: Check to see if clogged, pulled away, or have ice over the top.

We are always here to help with home safety and offer free inspections.  Contact us today if you see any issues with your home during your inspections (816) 547-1885.