Sunday, November 6, 2016

Daylight Savings Time Ends, but here are a few other things you should do around your house while changing your clocks. 

Battery Change
Smoke detectors 
Carbon monoxide detectors

Outdoor faucets
Disconnect any remaining outdoor hoses and store
Turn off water to faucets to prevent freezing water damage

Have inspected
Replace the filters

Air Conditioner
Remove window units
Tarp or cover outdoor units


Clean out 
Clean underneath including the coils

Clean vents
Clean Ducts

Closets & Dressers
Rotate your clothes
Donate anything you don't need to your local charity

Rotate blades

Windows & Doors
Check for airflow
Check & repair damaged screens
Repair & replace broken windows

Clean to prevent clogging and ice damning
Install gutter guards

Have inspection 
Make repairs
Inspect attic for signs of daylight

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Love your home decorated for Christmas but hate doing it yourself?  We provide the material, installation, removal, and storage!

Let us provide a custom experience and look for your home!

We love the holidays and love being a part of our customer's traditions.  We provide a full service holiday light experience with custom fit lights for your home.  Our initial service includes: material, installation, maintenance, removal, and storage.  Our second year includes: your pre-purchased material, installation, maintenance, removal, and storage.

We stock a variety of color choices and can also order bulbs to provide a custom look for your home to celebrate the holiday season.

Have a favorite team?  Decorate and show support this holiday season by decorating your home in your team's colors!  Royals: Blue & Clear, Chiefs: Red & Gold, KU: Blue & Red, MU: Gold & White.

Want to stay traditional?  Old Fashioned Christmas: Multi Color Opaque, Christmas Colors: Red, White, & Green, or Candy Canes: Red & Clear!

The possibilities are endless!

C9 incandescent Bulbs Below:                C9 Opaque Bulbs Below:    


 Call TK Remodeling & Renovations for a free estimate!
816-547-1885 or 913-972-3009

Work performed by TK Remodeling & Renovations

Monday, October 24, 2016

7 Days Until Halloween

Halloween is 7 days away!  How will you be celebrating?  Here are some cool ideas to celebrate Halloween this year!

1. Dress up and take the kids trick-or-treating
2. Dress up and hand out candy for trick-or-treating
3. Participate in a trunk-or-treat
4. Carve pumpkins
5. Go to a haunted house
6. Create a haunted house
7. Stay in and have a scary movie marathon
8. Host or attend a Halloween Party
9. Carve pumpkins
10. Tell scary stories
11. Working on Halloween? Bring your co-workers a spooky treat

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Wow we are already welcoming fall to Kansas City!  With the leaves changing colors and falling leaves we are reminded that the winter season is just around the corner and protecting one of you homes biggest assets should be on the list to get ready for winter. 

1. Visually inspect your home and attic yourself: 
*Check your ceiling for water spots 
*Check your attic for signs of light or water damage

2. Check your gutters and downspouts
*Check for roofing granules in your gutters or at the base of the downspouts
*Check for dents this can be caused by hail and your roof could be affected as well

3. Look at your roof
*Check for dark spots where possible granules are missing 
*Check for missing shingles
*Check for sagging

4. Check exterior walls
*Rotten, damaged, or stained wood can be caused by roof and flashing damage

Roof damaged should be repaired before winter because ice, snow, and weight will only make the damage worse.  If you need help with an inspection or think you need a repair or replacement contact us for help and a free estimate!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Colored leaves, everything pumpkin flavored, warm apple pie, football, Halloween, what does fall mean to you?  For your home it means it is time for some fall home maintenance to get you ready for winter!

1. Keep your house warm by closing off air leaks
*Caulk seal & weather strip windows & doors.  (Can't remember where your leaks were last year or bought a new home?  Hold a light a candle and go to each window and door and check to see if it pulls the smoke this indicates a draft you will want to seal.)
*Attic insulation: Check for exposed joists add insulation where needed.

2. Plumbing & Heater
*Change heater vents
*Insulate water lines to prevent freezing
*Remove outside hoses

3. Inspect or have your roof inspected
*Missing shingles need to be replaced
*Dips & sags indicate issues with the wood under your roof

4. Clean and repair gutters
*Remove leaves this prevents ice damning

5. Garage
*Remove any items that can freeze
*Maintenance lawn mowers or any equipment you will not need during the winter

6. Decks
*Put away furniture or cushions for the season
*Sweep leaves of deck to prevent water damage

7. Safety
*Replace light bulbs
*Replace batteries in smoke 
*Maintenance carbon monoxide detectors

8. Have some fun
*Take a Hayride
*Go to a pumpkin patch & carve pumpkins
*Make a maze for the kids with fallen leaves

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Hail Damage in Kansas & Missouri

A storm just went through your neighborhood and it had wind and hail, so how do you know if your home is damaged?

Some storm damage can be detected from the ground, and to keep you safe and off your roof here are some things to look for: 
*Shingles:  Looking up at your roof do you see missing shingles?  Are there shingles laying in your yard?
*Gutters: Look up at your gutters are your there dimples in your gutters?  Are there dings in your downspouts?
*Siding: Check your siding for holes, dents, or missing pieces.
*Mailbox: If you have a mailbox at the front of your drive are there dents?
*Windows & Window Screens: Check for holes in your screens?
*Air Conditioner: Are there dings in the metal?

Not all hail is visible from the ground, so before breaking out the ladder call us for an inspection!  We provide free inspections.

Signs of Hail Damage on a Shingle Roof: 
*Random marks with no pattern
*Spots that are black in color
*Granule loss 
*Soft bruises

Signs of Hail Damage on a Wood Roof:
* Random marks with no pattern
*Splits in the shingle

Hail damage can cause excessive granule loss overtime aging your roof quicker.  The longer you wait the quicker the damage can spread causing interior damage!  

It is important to have your roof inspected if you haven’t in a while or after a severe storm.  Many local contractors give free inspections and repair estimates.  If you live in the Kansas City area we can help with that call today for your free estimate (816) 547-1885.